WRK Solutions Offers Advanced Training

VTRA-WRK and TES-WRK train teams in identifying conflict behaviors, general threat assessment, violence prevention and trauma response in the workplace. VTRA-WRK aims to prevent all forms of violence and conflict behaviors, while TES-WRK focuses on addressing the impact of trauma.

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Violence Threat Risk Assessment - WRK is a comprehensive three-stage violence prevention model that addresses all forms of violence. It allows trained teams to identify early risk indicators, collect data, conduct assessments and drive a strategic approach to mitigating losses and conflict, de-escalation and interventions.

WRK Solutions trains multiple-stakeholder teams to use VTRA-WRK. This can comprise up to 80 people per training. These hands-on sessions are very practical, using real-world examples and actual case studies. The end result is a team with a shared vision for success and who can consistently use common language, concepts and take unified actions.


Traumatic Event Systems - WRK is responsive in nature and provides trained teams with the necessary tools to intervene and support employees and customers/clients in the aftermath of a traumatic event in the workplace. TES-WRK addresses the more complex and lasting effects of how trauma impacts individuals and entire organizations if left untreated.

TES trainers take multiple stakeholder teams through the four phases of assessment, intervention, planning and aftermath. Teams are trained to assess the impact of trauma on a community through hands-on experience, quickly and effectively identify worrisome patterns of behavior and design change management practices.

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