WRK Solutions Offers Advanced Technology

WRK's Threat Assessment, Crisis, and Trauma Intervention Collaboration Software (TACTIC-WRK), and WRK's version of the NACTATR Learning Platform (NLP-WRK) combine to provide consistency and information flow to anywhere in the world.

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(Threat Assessment, Crisis, and Trauma Intervention Collaboration software)

WRK Solutions’ patent pending, cloud-based software solution allows multiple users to document, assess, intervene, and manage concerning behaviors, internal operations, and external dynamics in a consistent data-driven framework.

TACTIC-WRK allows real-time information sharing and data assessment to facilitate rapid intervention and the development of coordinated, comprehensive action plans that predicts the possible occurrence of a future event.

(NACTATR Learning Platform)

Continuing education and online training using cloud-based tools and automated processes to teach users leading edge practices in creating positive workplace environments.

NLP-WRK allows further training to front-line employees, executives and community stakeholders ensuring that all participants have an opportunity to practice and develop their conflict management, threat assessment and trauma response skills. Users can also earn certificates and badges upon course completion.

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NLP-WRK: Custom curriculum, courses and content