Consulting, Complex Cases and Support

WRK Solutions will collaborate with you to proactively mitigate workplace conflict by focusing on early intervention and data-informed training combined with a robust response protocol and policies.


Implementation assistance in arranging trainings, developing policies, protocols, structured communication practices, and deploying TACTIC-WRK and NLP-WRK

Rely on the decades of expertise provided by the creators of the VTRA and TES protocols as well as the TACTIC and NLP platforms.

Complex Cases

Customized WRK solutions to address unique complex cases related to complex cases and consults

Experts in the fields of behavioral threat assessment and trauma response as well as targeted violence and mental health crisis will assist with high-level and complex cases.


Support for our clients and our solutions through various channels, so you know we are always here to help

A variety of support media, including telephone support, live chat, webinars, manuals, and video tutorials available 24-7

Trained Teams

Trained teams work proactively to mitigate material loss and reduce the frequency of workplace conflict.

Early Intervention

WRK Solutions focuses on early intervention for violence prevention, threat assessment and trauma response, putting you in control.


Training is research and data-informed combined with intelligent technology to ensure that teams are efficient and ready.

Shared Understanding

Your team has a shared understanding, common protocol and they all use consistent variables for assessment and intervention.


Access to leading edge new thinking, research and protocols from leaders in the industry, many with over 20 years experience.


Access to continuing education and online training for all levels of the organization.

Implementation Overview

Stage 01

Identify organizational needs, deliverables and budget. Create VTRA-WRK TES-WRK, NLP-WRK, TACTIC-WRK deployment plan.

Stage 02

Conduct VTRA-WRK, TES-WRK trainings. NLP-WRK, TACTIC-WRK deployment and license activation. User security roles setup, SSO configured (if available).

Stage 03

Continued support for trainings & scheduling. NLP-WRK, TACTIC-WRK setup, reports, dashboards and workflow configuration. Conduct training for TACTIC-WRK leads. Conduct NLP-WRK trainings.

Stage 04

API (if activated) review interface possibilities to partners and support integration to NLP-WRK and TACTIC-WRK API

Stage 05

Ongoing user support, system updates. Protocol, implementation and complex case support. NLP-WRK and TACTIC-WRK refresher trainings and reporting updates.