Stakeholder Meeting

The WRK team will conduct an initial opening meeting at your offices to meet any relevant stakeholders and discuss needs and deliverables.


Evaluate organization, sites and processes to assist in planning a comprehensive approach, including team in-person training, digital training and deployment of supportive technology solutions.

The Plan

Deliver a comprehensive plan including support services for project rollout including a connection between current and local initiatives, demonstrated knowledge testing with gamification, workflow, data analytics, response and evaluation metrics, and recommended content refresh frequency.


Implement plan with your project team to deliver a customized comprehensive WRK solution to all identified team members while supporting analysis, ongoing project monitoring, metrics for successful implementation, and usage.


Support implementation of the WRK solution with additional content, trainings, and support for complex cases involving loss, threats, or violence.

WRK’s Comprehensive and Unified Approach


Using training to increase the capacity of managers and frontline workers to deescalate conflict behaviors


Technology to deliver education, collaboration, and tracking of conflict situations


Services to support dynamic and unique situations in specific communities


Evidence-based training models around prevention of violent behaviors and responding to trauma and conflict

Response Protocols

Assist in the development of organizational and team-based response protocols, policies and procedures to deliver faster data-driven assessment to support earlier interventions